Maria Madonera                                                                      NEO-RENAISSANCE

Such a preponderance of feminine energy in my paintings! True! But who would deny that masculine energy YANG globally dominates feminine energy YIN?

The mainstream-aspect of the Goddess of Art has succumbed to the strong and overruling powers of masculine energy.

So it is fair to say that it is not “the woman” as such which is depicted in my paintings, but the universal feminine aspect of YIN, the goddess of art, beauty, love and compassion.

Naturally a subtle voice can easily be overheard and be drowned amidst a lot of noise. Consequently the goddess allowed herself to be squeezed into the tight trousers of global masculine dominance.

But alas! This world-wide controlling power has led to a dangerous distortion of the perfect cosmic energetic balance of feminine/masculine energies on a personal as well as on a global level, with devastating consequences. No more denying that the YIN-Goddess is reacting and showing her real powers, like Mother Nature does!
Want to know more about this complex energetic interrelationship and cultural context?

Read: MADONNA’S PICS, illustrating 33 oil-paintings, 10 graphic designs, 8 photos, two portraits of the artist and approximately 90 pages (pocket-book size) of poetic, mystic, scientific and literary texts.

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ISBN:  97 83 74 07 63 893


Reading this book will take you to the center of elevated, equilibrated energy and from this center, which is an above as well, you will get a new insight and perception.