Maria Madonera                                                                                     NEO-RENAISSANCE

"The paintings of Maria Madonera give us the notion as if they were originating from dreams, for, although they are depicted in a very realistic manner, they refer to a dream-like vision, which roots in a deep connection to the realm of the unconscious, the paintings thus creating a link between a realistic and surrealistic form of existence.


The exhibited paintings represent an extraordinary richness of expression, which, in connection with its modern terms and the unusual colouring, remind us of the powerful colours of the expressionists, but elevated by the transcendence of a Chagall."      

(Ecomond Press,  Rom)



"Die dargestellten Inhalte der Arbeiten von Maria Madonera sind wie Traumbilder, insofern, als sie trotz ihrer sehr realen Darstellungsart auf jene traumartige Vision verweisen, deren Wurzeln tief im Unbewußten begründet liegen, wo sie zwischen realem und irrealem Sein ihre Zuordnung finden.


Die ausgestellten Bilder bergen einen ungewöhnlichen Reichtum an Ausdruckskraft, die, in Verbindung mit der Aktualität der Sprache und den ungewöhnlichen Farben ähnlich der kraftvollen Tongebung der Expressionisten ist, aber durchdrungen von der Transzendenz eines Chagall."      

(Ecomond Press,  Rom)



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Author:    Maria Madonera


Title:       Madonna's  Pics


Sub-Title:    The Power of Feminine Art


PRINT-VERSION :  €  45,95     (ISBN  97 83 74 07 72 26 0)

   E-BOOK :        €    14,99                 (ISBN  97 83 74 07 04 25 4)    


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YIN and YANG, the cosmic truth and foundation of all existence as an equilibrated synthesis, is allegorized by 33 coloured oil-paintings,  philosophic, mystic and poetic texts, graphic designs and photos, with a very special focus on YIN, the universal feminine energy that transcends all aspects of life.


The reader is energetically nourished by the perfect snythesis of the right and left hemisphere,which is Ariadne's thread of this book.